What is the BCSMC

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What is the Black Country Social Media Cafe?


The Black Country Social Media Cafe is a place for those interested in social media to get together and share ideas. You don't have to be a blogger, a podcaster, or a member of Twitter to come along; just be interested in how these technologies can work for you.


What is Social Media?


'Social media' is just an overarching term that refers to a host of tools that allow people to share, communicate, and get feedback on ideas online, e.g., blogs, wikis, and social network sites.

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"The Birmingham Social Media Cafe is a place for people interested in social media to gather, get acquainted, chat, plot, scheme, and share.


We meet on the last Friday of every month but make sure you check for announcements and put your name down on the wiki (link below).

If you're interested we'd be really chuffed if you came down."